3D Printing

Filament Deposition Manufacturing is perhaps the simplest and least expensive form of 3D printer. It involves the deposition of melted plastic in a succession of layers to build up a part.

Coming in early 2013, NCS will introduce the latest in compact filament deposition 3D printers. The uPrint-4 incorporates a heated bed that allows the use of both PLA and ABS filament, a fully-enclosed bed for clean and quiet operation, and a simplified user interface.

The uPrint-4 is designed to fit into an office environment and to produce high-quality components on an on-demand basis. It can easily be maintained by untrained staff and normal servicing is very straightforward.

Bespoke CNC Solutions

NCS supplies bespoke CNC machnine solutions, fabricating CNC routing and milling machines for specific applications. We can design and build systems for routing wood, acrylic, aluminium, and thin sheet steel. We can make very precise small desktop machines for detailed work in 3 or 4 axes, up through large 2D routing machines for cutting sign panels, etc...

NCS will fabricate and assemble the mechanical system to your specifications, and will package the numerical control components, spindle power supply, and computer in a rugged and compact case with software pre-installed and calibrated. We will deliver to you a complete plug-and-play system.

CNC Conversions

Numerical Control Systems is developing a range of CNC retrofit kits for small machine tools. Our initial kit is a CNC retrofit for the Myford ML7 lathe series. This kit can be installed by the user, following the step-by-step instructions with the included jigs, requiring minimal modification to the cross-slide and saddle. Alternatively, pre-modified components can be supplied either outright or on an exchange basis.

Custom Automation

Numerical Control Systems also develops custom implementations of microcontrollers and actuation for a wide range of applications.