Bespoke System Installations

NCS can design a complete bespoke CNC 3- or 4-axis mill for your custom application. We will utilize the very latest in reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective components. The gantry mill pictured above, designed specifically to manufacture tooling for blades for wind turbines and model rotorcraft, has a 1.2m x 0.5m x 0.12m machining volume. Although specifically designed to shape mahogany tools it can also machine acrylic or aluminium, and can route out thin steel sheet.

It is fitted with a 3-phase 24,000 rpm 1.5kW water-cooled spindle and is driven by our rack-mount 3-axis controller connected to an IBM PC running Ubuntu LinuxCNC.

We can also supply a complete integrated system including PC, CNC controller, power supply, and drivers, installed inside a single rugged case appropriate for less benign environments.

Machine Conversions

NCS is currently developing a CNC conversion kit for the Myford ML7 series lathes. This will allow uncompromised manual control or full CNC control including head indexing, to enable all forms of screw cutting without any gearbox changes at all.

It is expected that this will be followed by a Boxford conversion later in the year.